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We’re proud to announce a new publishing collaboration: DarkWave’s next games will be published by Forge Reply, the italian based gaming division of Reply.

You already know much about Act of Fury: it is going to published by Forge Reply and is coming soon on the App Store.

After Act of Fury we will focus on the Mac and PC versions of the highly appreciated Master of Alchemy. It will be a revamped version of the game already available on the iPhone and iPad, with a couple of surprises and, obviously, the support for higher resolutions, new mouse based control system and the same level of quality.

2012 will be the year of two really important new games: Master of Alchemy 2 and Dream Chamber.

Master of Alchemy 2 is the direct sequel of the first one, with a new story arc that will be focused on the war between alchemists and mechanologists.
A revamped physics engine will drive new gameplay styles and the approach to the levels.
Master of Alchemy 2 will be the new episode that every Master of Alchemy fan had asked us to develop.

And finally Dream Chamber: the adventures of Charlie Chamber will become reality in a point and click adventures that is going to be different from every other, with incredible plot twists and a peculiar style.
The secrets of the Dream Chamber will be explained at last…

So keep following us because it’s going to be a great ride: I’m Alessandro and I’ll keep you informed on a weekly basis about the development of every game.
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