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Act of Fury is entering in the final stage of the approval process so the debut on the App Store is approaching fast.

About Act of Fury we’ll talk again when the final build is going to be available.

Today I want to describe the period of shift from one project to the next one.
DarkWave Games is a small and smart independent studio and we will introduce everyone of us in the upcoming posts.
Right now we’re in pre-production for the PC and Mac versions of Master of Alchemy, called Rise of the Mechanologists, and each of us is working on different aspects.

Gabriele, our lead developer, is tidying up the code of our framework, adding new features and giving it a strong new base for the future.

Luca is working on the new UI engine that will ease the efforts of our graphics team.

Emanuele is redesigning the UI to adapt it to the high resolutions of PC and Mac monitors.

Alessandro (yeah, that’s me) is guessing how to transform Master of Alchemy from an iPad game to a PC and Mac one.

So pre-production is an essential moment for us to gather ideas and begin to shape the form of a new project, even if it is a porting like this one, because we love details and we want to produce games that we like to play.

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