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Master of Alchemy, our first game (that will be presented at E3 – we will never be bored to say it!), will be published by Chillingo very soon.

Master of Alchemy is an original and engaging puzzle game based on the manipulation of solid, liquid and gaseous elements. Substances’ streams are characterized by a realistic behavior, because of the implementation of a physics engine.

Differently from other puzzle-games, in background to the various levels, there is the history of Master of Alchemy – the war between the two factions of the setting (alchemists and mechanologists – the machine-oriented scientists).

Here we want to introduce you to the events that come before the game.

Alchemy’s Golden Age

In ancient time, the world was ruled by a powerful type of magic, the Alchemy. Thanks to their knowledge, alchemists were able to perform every kind of miracles and wonders. Because of this, alchemists’ caste was very powerful and predominant; any important position was hold by alchemists. Words such as nobility, greatness and power were Alchemy synonymous. However, the Alchemy was a dangerous practice, chaotic and unstable for its own nature; alchemists ran often into heavy accidents, with terrible consequences that started little by little to obfuscate the wonder of their creations.

Memories of serious accidents started to surge in people minds, breeding discontent and fear. So, mankind looked for an alternative, and then the Mechanology-time arose.

The Rise of Mechanology

Mechanology quickly proved to be simpler, safer and more powerful than Alchemy; because of this, it spread into the world very quickly. The Alchemist dominant caste tried to stop this diffusion, but a new Era had been just coming. The decline of Alchemy and its privileged caste was inevitable.
In a short time, Mechanology replaced Alchemy in every life sector, because of its superior reliability; the ancient science was forgotten and its followers felt into disgrace. In fact, the scientists of the new steam-based discipline were successful in the replacement of alchemic wonders with new and amazing ones.

The Fall of Alchemy

The practice of Alchemy was judged too dangerous by new dominant class, that declared it illegal. In this way, Mechanologist got rid of the inconvenient past and started to build a new future.
The alchemists’ great tower and their prodigious laboratories were dismantled: all precious alembics were destroyed and a large part of the immense Alchemists’ knowledge lost. The adepts of the dying discipline were imprisoned and forced to give up their illegal practice, or forced to hide themselves.
At this time, only a haggard group of Alchemists remains in clandestine activity, working for the black market, desperately attempting to produce something amazing to show to the world. For this purpose, hidden in their improvised and bad equipped new laboratories, Alchemists are trying to mix the new science with their old knowledge, with the hope to return to the greatness of the past.
The black market is the only way to earn enough money to buy the expensive and very rare equipment necessary to go on with the experiments: for this reason, the few alchemists left are forced to accept every kind of request from any client, with the goal to prove the world that they are still useful for the progress of mankind; or with the goal to prove the world that alchemy is still a terrible force.

P.S. You can download this post in a .pdf file - The Master of Alchemy’s Background.

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