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Hello everyone! We’ll start today a series of posts to go deep into interesting facts and details of Dream Chamber. We hope you’ll appreciate more our game and it’s intriguing story.

Let’s give first space to the characters, today we talk about Gregory Gale, the faithful butler of Charlie.


No one knows anything about his past, but Gregory serves Charlie by over 10 years , offering his services as a personal secretary and as handyman . His knowledge of the bureaucracy and of law in general let us to hypothesize studies in that field , even if we do not know. Although he has this dark past, since it was presented by the Thrademarkus family to Chamber family , he has always stood out to perform the tasks efficiently .

The relationship that binds him to Charlie is very deep , and it is so ingrained that Gregory consider the eccentric billionaire as his only friend . Indeed, Charlie couldn’t do anything without his butler, who performs all the practical matters and completes what he doesn’t finish .

Don’t be confused by its look a little strange , the saying ” looks can be deceiving ” could not be more true. Behind a physical shape accentuated ( on tonnage and height) , and a silent appearance, is hided a sober and quiet man , always ready to satisfy his own boss efficiently .

And you? How did you felt about Gregory? He was been useful in the resolution of the case? Having a loyal butler at your side can be useful … just to have someone to talk to in the car, right?

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