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With this post, we want to introduce one of the most important features of Dream Chamber: the “interrogation-battle” – a little “game” that significantly affects the ending of story. 
In fact, Dream Chamber has two different endings, so keep playing it … and remember: if you want to defeat the “White Widow” during the final “interrogation-battle”, you’ll have to discover how to collect the biggest number of in-game clues.


Some critics have understood that, during the “interrogation-battle”, players should decide WHAT Charlie will have to say; since all the alternative sentences have exactly the same meaning, they have complained that the mini-game are meaningless. But, actually, players will just have to decide HOW Charlie will say sentences. 
Ok, fine, you have caught us: the real reason of this post is to reply to those reviewers that haven’t understood the logic behind the “interrogation-battle”. And yes, this is our fault: we hadn’t explained it enough … but, we are writing this post and, most important, we have already submitted to iTunes and other stores a new update of Dream Chamber that, besides the autosave feature, adds a “mood icon” next to the sentences that Charlie can say.

hitting the right nodes is fundamental...

hitting the right weak points (green squares) is essential…

Let’s start from the beginning: how the “interrogation-battle” minigame is introduced into the game. As Charlie himself admits, he has big problem to stay focused, because he gets bored really easily. So, to prevent his lack of attention, he imagines himself as a warlord that has to conquer the opponent castle; if he succeeds in conquering the castle, striking Castle’s weak points, he will obtain the information he needs. 
Even if it could seem strange, actually it is very coherent with the dreaming symbolic image often used in Dream Chamber: the castle symbolizes the strength of will of the interrogated suspect and Charlie’s questions are cannonballs which literally “destroy” the interlocutor’s defenses. 
Let’s go on with the symbolic meaning of the “interrogation-battle” minigame: each in-game character has a castle of different shape, this symbolizes his reasons, which may be more or less solid; each castle has different weak points and player has to decide which one to strike with the cannonball, it represents the ability to choose the right argument during the interrogation; cannonball power is linked to the choice of the right tone of voice, because in real life often doesn’t matter what you say, but how you say it, in response to your interlocutor’s attitude.

So, in every “interrogation-battle”, players will have to choose the right tone of voice / attitude per each question to the interrogated suspect and choose the “right spot” to strike. The attitudes available are always three (always in this order):

  1. Colloquial: Charlie tries to be accommodating, in order to persuading the interlocutor to collaborate “with good manners”;
  2. Neutral: Charlie has a professional attitude and he tries to acquire a objective, aloof view point;
  3. Determined/Aggressive: Charlie tries to seem very confident, sometimes bluffing or threatening. make blow up your interlocutor's defences!

…to make blow up your interlocutor’s defences!

Ok, everything is very clear now, but how are players supposed to choose the right Charlie’s attitude?
Analyzing the events, mainly the previously collected information and the opponent’s attitude … in the end, do players have to perform as private detective, acting like him, or not??
Remember that, as in the real world, sometimes you can think to have won a battle, but maybe you haven’t realized that you haven’t collected all the information; alternatively, other times, you cannot win a battle, because you don’t have the right information (and so, the right answers). This is very important to achieve the second Dream Chamber’s ending.


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