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A new and mysterious screenshot appeared on the PC of our art director.

Little Space title

What is it? Maybe a new game in development?

I’ll investigate about it…

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During the last round of test of the final build of Act of Fury, some testers were trying to reach top scores, obtaining three stars to spend to unlock powers in every level of the game.
They told us that even with a perfect run it’s impossible to get them.

Actually they didn’t exploit the chain bonus mechanic: if you destroy a building the units around it will suffer damage too and, eventually, they can be destroyed generating a chain bonus that will skyrocket your score. In this way you can to get the desired stars.

Here’s a few screenshots that demonstrate the chain bonus in action.

Act of Fury chain bonus 1

Act of Fury chain bonus 2

Act of Fury chain bonus 3

So remember: the chain bonus is your friend and can make the difference between one star and three, opening the door to the high places in the leaderboards!

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The gameplay of Act of Fury is quite unique, so we have included in the game a comprehensive but quick tutorial that can help players during their first steps.

The core mechanic is simple: you’re Kraine Severe and you can trasform in a mighty hurricane, so your weapon is the wind itself.
You can come close to the enemies to damage them: the force of the storm and the magnetic field will stop them but you will have to avoid the fire of the other troops around.

Here’s a couple of screenshots that explain better that a million words:

Act of Fury tutorial 1

Act of Fury tutorial 2

In the Hell mode the enemies will not be blocked in any way by Kraine se the game is much harder and the player have to study different combat tactics.
It might look simple but the gameplay is fresh and very fun!

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Act of Fury is in the QA testing phase right now.

We know that the game can be tough, especially in the Hell mode, so we have prepared a complete list of tips that are displayed during the loading of the levels.
Here’s a couple of screenshot to show the beautiful animated loading screens:

Act of Fury loading screen 1
Act of Fury loading screen 2

After the launch we will post regularly a lot of pro tips that can help to obtain three stars in every stage, unlocking powers for the infamous Hell mode.

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