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"[…] it's far from unfair and given practice you'll be smashing foes in a new and incredibly fun new way"

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"[…] If you're like me and like a good shooter, buy this game now!"

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"[…] Act of Fury: Kraine's Revenge proves that revenge doesn't always have to be served cold. Sometimes, when vengeance is all sound and fury and hot-blooded madness, the results can still be a pretty tasty dish."


"[…] Act of Fury is a very interesting addition to the shmup genre. It does a fantastic job of mixing the Spirit/Bit Pilot/Silverfish type mechanics with shmup influenced gameplay, and presenting it all in an extremely polished and well rounded package."


"[…] Act of Fury is a big surprise, a genre of the '90s brilliantly brought to the present. A solid gameplay system and perfect growing mechanics gives the game a nice feeling."


ACT OF FURY: Kraine’s revenge

Why go for an everyday shoot’em up, when you can have something new?

Act of Fury: Kraine’s Revenge is the firstborn of a new breed of shooters, where you don’t have to shoot because YOU are the weapon.

Kraine Severe has undergone mad experiments by the infamous Dr. Osvald Pernicious, leader of the Doom Legion. After a daring escape from the laboratory, he realizes he can transform himself in a mighty hurricane. His next step is easily taken: pursue revenge, destroy everything that tries to stop him.

Control Kraine during his journey through different environments, fighting the Doom Legion and trying to defeat the prototype weapon built by Dr. Pernicious to rule the world.

Developed by the team that created Master of Alchemy, Act of Fury: Kraine’s Revenge will storm your iPhone and iPod Touch.


  • A brand new shoot’em up mechanic: you’re are the weapon -destroy everything and pursue your personal vengeance.
  • Nine levels of wild action in four different environments, from the hottest desert, to the icy pole.
  • Three huge bosses to fight, based on the evolution of the Doom Legion’s prototype weapon.
  • Two difficulty levels -normal for everyone and Hell mode for hardcore shoot’em up fans.
  • Earn stars and spend them to unlock special powers, like elemental hurricanes and thunderstorms.
  • Game Center and OpenFeint support for achievements and leaderboards.


Lite version

A Lite version is available on the App Store with:
  • Three exclusive levels non included in the full game.
  • A huge boss fight.
  • A special power is automatically activated in every stage to demonstrate the customization of the character.
  • Normal and Hell mode to try both kind of gameplay.


Developer and Publisher

ACT OF FURY: Kraine's revenge - Developed by DarkWave Games; Published by Forge Reply