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Francesco introduces himself and shows us his art!

Hi, my name is Francesco Dossena and I’m the Master of Alchemy’s concept artist and illustrator.
I’ve been working at DarkWave Games for almost 1 year (since its creation). It has been a completely new experience for me: I’m mainly a comics artist…but at DarkWave Games people want to create artistic videogames, so they hired me – Lucky them :)!

Speaking about Master of Alchemy (MoA), my graphic approach to it was very impulsive: it was a period in which I was already working with that kind of shapes and settings; moreover, the possibility to trasform a chimical/alchemic laboratory into a steampunk lab was really exciting.

To design alembics’ (/stills) shapes, I always started from real objects with a similar function (i.e. the blower is an hairdryer); graphically, to give them a steampunk look, I have replaced glass and plastic with steel and bronze (and I have added a lot of rust :) ).
The really difficult thing was that we had to use modular shapes: repeating these shapes in more alembics, we succeeded in saving a lot of the iPad/iPhone memory.

I used a similar approach also for characters…I started from traditional looks, to finish to more metropolitan evolutions (fortunately, in this case I didn’t have to use modular shapes).

By the way, I’m really proud of the Nova Persona character (an Alchemist Robot) – he was so liked that we created a comics about his born/creation and we will use it to introduce the reader to the Master of Alchemy’s background.

If you want to know more about me: (even if it isn’t so updated … but a big change is coming).

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  1. nad
    114 mos, 3 wks ago

    dude, your works are great!!!!…keep on mate!! :)

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